Contour M CCD camera with display


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Spectral region 400-1700 nm;
Built in display;
Battery + DC powered;
Up to 2,5 hours continuous working;
Hand-held / tripod fixed;
High sensitivity;
IR cut-off filter, batteries, AC/DC adapter, case and more are included

2 Years warranty

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The near infrared CONTOUR M camera has a built in 4 inch display. Camera is designed for observation, registration and recording radiation in near infrared zone emitted by infrared sources such as GaAs IR LED, diode or solid-state lasers as well as for use in infrared microscopy, infrared luminescence, examination of documents, forensics, art restoration and etc.
The CONTOUR M is ideal for the alignment of infrared beam and optical components in infrared systems in the 400-1700 nm spectral region. With Built-in 12V external charger and battery compartment ensures longer and comfortable operation of device.
The CCD camera is based on a high-sensitive low-noise silicon CCD sensor and two-photon absorption phenomenon. Superior image quality is obtained with micro lens system and special coating layer on a silicon. The four-stage system of automatic control and superior anti-blooming feature allows operation in a much wider spectral range. The device can be used hand-held or with tripod.
Typical applications

  • Laser alignment and safety
    (IR) Infrared viewer is ideal for alignment of infrared laser beam and optical components in near infrared systems.
  • Semiconductors inspection
    With a microscope adapter IR viewer can be used to view through the surface of silicon and gallium arsenide wafers.
  • Forensics and art restoration
  • Photo processing
  • Thermal imaging

“Download Manual”
Technical information:

Spectral sensitivity 400-1700nm
Visual magnification 1X
Lens F1.4/25mm, C-mount
Field of view 10°
Focusing range 0.2m (or 0,1m)* to inf
Sensor size 1/3 inches, 6.3mm x 4.7mm
Pixel size 6.5 (h) x 6,25 (w) µm
Display 4 inch TFT-LCD 480×234
Max. resolution 300 TV lines
Resolution at max. Sensitivity 135 TV lines
Ratio signal-to-noise 46 dB
Gamma 0.45
Video output/input CCIR Standart composite video
Functions Brightness; Contrast; Video out
Power supply 4x “AA” type rechargeable batteries, DC 12V, 400mA stabilized
Temperature range +5… +40°C
Weight 0.77 kg
Dimensions 160x95x100 mm
*with distance ring

Standard kit includes:

  • IR CCD camera;
  • distance ring;
  • IR cut-off filter;
  • 4x AA rechargeable batteries;
  • AC/DC adapter
  • tripod;
  • manual;
  • case.

Accessories available upon request:

  • Iris diaphragm
  • Neutral density filter to lens 1X (3-5%@1064nm)
  • Neutral density filter to lens 2X (3-5%@1064nm)
  • Microscope adapter

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