ABRIS IR Infrared Viewer in Action

About IRVI

IRVI infrared viewers is a new brand hold by ADOS-TECH, UAB based in Europe, Lithuania. IRVI suggests high quality, wide spectral range certified infrared viewers and cameras:

  • CMOS type IR digital cameras, which is based on high-sensitivity CMOS sensor. (Spectral range is 400 – 1700nm)
  • CCD type IR cameras, based on high-sensitivity Silicon CCD sensor with four-stage system of automatic control and superior anti-blooming, which allows to operate in much winder spectral range (400 – 1700nm).
  • Hand held ergonomic infrared viewers with spectral range up to 2000nm.

IR Applications

IRVI viewers and cameras are used to:

  • observe, register and record both indirect and direct radiation of IR lasers, Light emitting diodes (LED’s), dye and other IR-sources;
  • it is ideal for IR-laser beam alignment and inspection;
  • optical fibre alignment;
  • telecommunications;
  • photo processing;
  • surveillance and investigation in botany, biophysics, medicine, forensics and art restoration, infrared microscopy, fluorescence etc.
Contour M IR Viewer in Action