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SM3R webIRVI SM-3R compact (IR) infrared viewerIRVI SM-3R compact (IR) infrared viewer

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The SM-3R infrared viewer is discontinued from 2019 December
Spectral range 350 – 2000 nm;
Battery powered;
Hand-held / tripod fixed;
Up to 100 hours continuous working;
Pulsed and CW light detection with no synchronization;
IR cut-off filter, batteries, case and more are included


2 Years warranty
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Product Description

The SM-3R infrared viewer is discontinued from 2019 December.

The SM-3R is a miniature infrared viewer that fits comfortably in the palm of a hand or on a face-mask for hands free operation. This viewer is suitable when size and weight are more important.

How infrared viewer works?

IR viewer is based on a first generation high-grade image converter that has an electro-static focusing system, photocathode S-1+ with increased concentration of oxygen and screen of type P-20 with maximum of luminescence at 550nm.

Infrared viewer focus emitted or reflected light from a chosen subject into the image tube where electron image is generated. When powered (with battery or power supply) the 16-18 kV voltage is generated required to accelerate the electron image into the output phosphor screen. The fluorescent green light output (550 nm) is observed via an adjustable eyepiece lens.

Typical applications

  • Laser alignment and safety
    (IR) Infrared viewer is ideal for alignment of infrared laser beam and optical components in near infrared systems.
  • Semiconductors inspection
    With a microscope adapter IR viewer can be used to view through the surface of silicon and gallium arsenide wafers.
  • Forensics and art restoration
  • Photo processing
  • Thermal imaging


Technical information

Version Version 1 (1.8X) Version 2 (3.4X)
Price (without VAT)
Name SM3R-1700-1 SM3R-2000-1 SM3R-1700-2 SM3R-2000-2
Spectral sensitivity 350 – 1700nm 350 – 2000nm 350 – 1700nm 350 – 2000nm
Resolution (centre) 50 Lp/mm 50 Lp/mm
Field of view 25° 12°
Magnification 1.8Х 3.4Х
Objective lens F1.4/26mm F1.8/50mm
Adjustable Iris Available Included
Focus 0.2m (0.05m)* to inf 0.6m (0.15m)* to inf
Working distance of lens 12.5 (+/-0.2) mm 12.5 (+/-0.2) mm
Battery 2xLR44 or CR1/3N 2xLR44 or CR1/3N
Non-uniformity of screen <20% <20%
Non-uniformity of response <15% <15%
Distortion of image <18% <18%
Battery life (continuous) 10 hours (up to 100 hours)** 10 hours (up to 100 hours)**
External power supply
Weight 0.25kg 0.3kg
Dimensions 130x65x43 mm 135x65x52 mm
Temperature range -10ºC…40ºС -10ºC…40ºС
Tripod or handle connection R”1/4″ R”1/4″
*with distance ring
**with AAA batteries adapter


Standard kit for version 1.8X includes:

  • (IR) Infrared viewer;
  • lens 1.8X (F1.4/26mm);
  • IR filter;
  • handle;
  • battery 2xLR44
  • case.

Standard kit for version 3.4X includes:

  • (IR) Infrared viewer;
  • lens 3.4X (F1.8/50mm);
  • distance ring;
  • IR filter;
  • handle;
  • batteries and case.

Accessories available upon request:

  • Iris diaphragm
  • Neutral density filter to lens 1X (3-5%@1064nm)
  • Neutral density filter to lens 2X (3-5%@1064nm)
  • Microscope adapter
  • Facemask for hands free operation
  • IR illuminator 940nm, 800nm
  • C-mount Camera adapter
  • Lens 2X (F1.8/50mm)
  • Lens 1X F(1.4/26mm)
  • C-mount ring for any CCD lenses
  • AAA batteries adapter
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