Infrared viewers

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  • ABRIS M viewers

    Spectral region is 350 – 2000 nm;
    Better resolution (60Lp/mm) and higher-sensitivity (up to 2 times better) compared with other IR viewers;
    Hand-held / post mounted;
    Battery + DC powered;
    Up to 35 hours continuous working;
    Pulsed and CW light detection without synchronization;
    Connect to PC via video adapter;

    from € 1290,00

    2 Years warrantyScreen Shot 2017-05-30 at 11.38.22

  • Contour M Infrared (IR) CCD cameraIRVI Contour M Infrared (IR) CCD camera

    Contour M CCD camera with display

    Spectral region 400-1700 nm;
    Built in display;
    Battery + DC powered;
    Up to 2,5 hours continuous working;
    Hand-held / tripod fixed;
    High sensitivity;
    IR cut-off filter, batteries, AC/DC adapter, case and more are included

    € 1499,00

    2 Years warranty

  • Contour IR digital CMOS camera

    Spectral region 400-1700 nm;
    Newest technology CMOS sensor with micro lenses;
    Controlled from a computer via USB2.0 and USB3.0;
    High sensitivity;
    8 bits of a target signal of brightness;
    IR cut-off filter, case and more are included.

    € 1199,00

    2 Years warranty

  • Contour Infrared (IR) CCD cameraContour Infrared (IR) CCD camera

    Contour IR CCD camera

    Spectral region 400-1700 nm;
    High sensitivity CCD camera;
    Small and compact;
    Tripod fixed;
    Video output;

    € 1099,00

    2 Years warranty

  • UV-NIR Laser beam visualizers

    Detects wavelenghts from UV to NIR
    Works with CW and pulsed laser light
    Requires no charging
    High sensitivity to laser radiation – 0.1 mW/mm2
    Damage threshold for pulsed laser – 1J/cm2, 10ns


    from € 75,00